DrugRepo: a novel approach to repurposing drugs based on chemical and genomic features.

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Wang, Yinyin 
Aldahdooh, Jehad 
Hu, Yingying 
Yang, Hongbin 
Vähä-Koskela, Markus 

The drug development process consumes 9-12 years and approximately one billion US dollars in costs. Due to the high finances and time costs required by the traditional drug discovery paradigm, repurposing old drugs to treat cancer and rare diseases is becoming popular. Computational approaches are mainly data-driven and involve a systematic analysis of different data types leading to the formulation of repurposing hypotheses. This study presents a novel scoring algorithm based on chemical and genomic data to repurpose drugs for 669 diseases from 22 groups, including various cancers, musculoskeletal, infections, cardiovascular, and skin diseases. The data types used to design the scoring algorithm are chemical structures, drug-target interactions (DTI), pathways, and disease-gene associations. The repurposed scoring algorithm is strengthened by integrating the most comprehensive manually curated datasets for each data type. At DrugRepo score ≥ 0.4, we repurposed 516 approved drugs across 545 diseases. Moreover, hundreds of novel predicted compounds can be matched with ongoing studies at clinical trials. Our analysis is supported by a web tool available at: http://drugrepo.org/ .

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