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Coton Booster to Bourn Reservoir Pipeline, Cambridgeshire: An Archaeological Desktop Assessment.

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Appleby, Grahame 
Beadsmoore, Emma 


This archaeological Desk-Based Assessment (DBA) was commissioned by Bidwells on behalf of Cambridge Water Company in response to a brief issued by Cambridgeshire Archaeology Planning and Countryside Advice (CAPCA). The DBA is the first stage of archaeological investigation to determine the presence/absence of known archaeological sites within the Proposed Development Area (PDA) and study area environs, to suggest the potential for archaeological remains and assess the possible affect of the construction of the Coton Booster to Bourn Reservoir Pipeline. Examination of the archaeological, historical, aerial and cartographic evidence shows the PDA to be located within an area of known prehistoric, Roman, Medieval and post-Medieval settlement activity.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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