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A vibrating beam MEMS accelerometer for gravity and seismic measurements

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Mustafazade, Arif 
Pandit, Milind 
Zhao, Chun 
Sobreviela, Guillermo 
Du, Zhijun 


Abstract: This paper introduces a differential vibrating beam MEMS accelerometer demonstrating excellent long-term stability for applications in gravimetry and seismology. The MEMS gravimeter module demonstrates an output Allan deviation of 9 μGal for a 1000 s integration time, a noise floor of 100 μGal/√Hz, and measurement over the full ±1 g dynamic range (1 g = 9.81 ms−2). The sensitivity of the device is demonstrated through the tracking of Earth tides and recording of ground motion corresponding to a number of teleseismic events over several months. These results demonstrate that vibrating beam MEMS accelerometers can be employed for measurements requiring high levels of stability and resolution with wider implications for precision measurement employing other resonant-output MEMS devices such as gyroscopes and magnetometers.



Article, /639/166/987, /639/166/988, /639/766/25, /704/2151/2809, article

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Scientific Reports

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