Yuriy Bembeev, About Buddhist Healers and Astrologists

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Yuriy relays the following story: We had a relative, lama Naran, who studied with ‘Tsagan-Aman Aava’. I was very active in my childhood and my parents thought that I would become a bandit and got killed. Once lama Naran offered to look at my destiny. He tasted my urine, tapped on my body with his hands, listened to my breathing, and measured my chest. After, he looked into a sutra and said to my parents, ‘Everything will be fine with your son’. I once met Namka. After enquiring about my background, he said to me that there were healers among my ancestors. Indeed, there were. One of our relatives was a well-known bone-setter who lived in Karabulak. Lama Naran was a monk, specialising in astrology and medicine. He cured many people from our region. After his death, all the graves in the cemetery where he was buried were levelled out, except for his. As rule, lamas are buried in a sitting position facing the east. Their graves are decorated with special signs and the depictions of the moon and the sun. Women are prohibited from going to cemeteries. In the house of the deceased all windows should be closed, and people are expected to control their emotions and not to cry. At a funeral it is forbidden to consume alcohol or eat meat.

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