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Ut nisi mercati naturam rusticus agri noverit



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Emblem for Guillaume La Perrière, Morosophie, Lyons, Macé Bonhomme, 1553. In his preface La Perrière stresses the ingenuity and wit that are required to produce a bilingual emblem book. The text reads: "Ut nisi mercati naturam rusticus agri Noverit, haud reddet semina iacta seges: Sic nisi praeceptor puerorum noverit aptum Ingenium, studiis tempus inane teret." (Unless the peasant knows the land he rents, the seed, once planted, will never bear a harvest; just so, unless the teacher knows the native talent of each boy, he wastes their time with empty studies.)


Ingenuity: Ingenium, Ingenuity: Engin, Ingenuity: Esprit, Peasant, Bull, Rod, Field, School

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