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Danil and Sergei Orusovs, About wedding customs

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Danil says that weddings among the Derbets and the Torghuts are similar. The main difference is a custom for brides to cover their head when leaving their paternal house, which they have among the Torghuts but no among the Derbets. Sergei says that he served as the head of the groom’s delegation for the weddings of his nephews. According to him, the groom’s delegation should consist of an odd number of people (7, 9, 11 or 13 people) with the understanding that the bride, who will join the delegation later, makes the number even. Before taking the bride away from her paternal house, the groom’s people should pay her family the bride wealth. Upon entering the groom’s house, the bride should kneel on a specially prepared mattress to show her respect to her in-laws and her husband’s relatives.



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