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Bacterial Membrane Mimetics: From Biosensing to Disease Prevention and Treatment.

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Morsy, Nada K 
Islayem, Deema K 
Alkhatib, Sarah A 
Pitsalidis, Charalampos 


Plasma membrane mimetics can potentially play a vital role in drug discovery and immunotherapy owing to the versatility to assemble facilely cellular membranes on surfaces and/or nanoparticles, allowing for direct assessment of drug/membrane interactions. Recently, bacterial membranes (BMs) have found widespread applications in biomedical research as antibiotic resistance is on the rise, and bacteria-associated infections have become one of the major causes of death worldwide. Over the last decade, BM research has greatly benefited from parallel advancements in nanotechnology and bioelectronics, resulting in multifaceted systems for a variety of sensing and drug discovery applications. As such, BMs coated on electroactive surfaces are a particularly promising label-free platform to investigate interfacial phenomena, as well as interactions with drugs at the first point of contact: the bacterial membrane. Another common approach suggests the use of lipid-coated nanoparticles as a drug carrier system for therapies for infectious diseases and cancer. Herein, we discuss emerging platforms that make use of BMs for biosensing, bioimaging, drug delivery/discovery, and immunotherapy, focusing on bacterial infections and cancer. Further, we detail the synthesis and characteristics of BMs, followed by various models for utilizing them in biomedical applications. The key research areas required to augment the characteristics of bacterial membranes to facilitate wider applicability are also touched upon. Overall, this review provides an interdisciplinary approach to exploit the potential of BMs and current emerging technologies to generate novel solutions to unmet clinical needs.



antimicrobial resistance, bacterial membranes, biosensing, cancer, immunotherapy, nanoparticles, Humans, Cell Membrane, Bacteria, Drug Delivery Systems, Nanotechnology, Communicable Diseases, Bacterial Infections, Biosensing Techniques

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Biosensors (Basel)

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