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Barrington Cement Quarry: Excavation at the edge of the Roman Settlement at Wilsmere Down Farm.

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Collins, Matthew 
Knight, Mark 


Two conjoining phases of open area excavation at Barrington Cement Quarry, carried out in the spring of 2006 and the autumn of 2007, investigated a series of boundary ditches belonging to a small Romano-British farmstead as well as the remains of two Roman clunch quarries. The ditches had been re-cut several times demonstrating an enduring boundary that appeared to delineate the northern and easternmost extent of a settlement focus previously identified in 2005. A series of 'offshoot' ditches and gullies extending westwards from the main north-south alignment also indicated that the settlement core lay immediately to the west of the excavation area. The clunch pits were located uphill and away from the farmstead but may have been the source of building material for the settlement. Traces of tool marks made by bow-drills and metal picks were preserved on the quarry faces. A single, possible prehistoric pit represented the only non-Roman activity. The density of archaeological features increased towards the bottom of the slope, coinciding with the extent of hillwash deposits



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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