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184 x 246 mm. Showing a Shan girl standing in front of a raised house constructed of woven palm fronds. Her dress proclaims her a woman of the British Tai (Shan) States. The dress is described in J.G. Scott's 'Gazetteer of Upper Burma and the Shan States' (Rangoon: Printed by the Superintendent, Government printing, Burma, 1900). 'The dress is not open at the front as it is with the Burma girl, nor is it tucked up between the legs as it is with the Siamese. It is, however, fastened in the same way by a half hitch at the waist ... The women in the British Tai States fold the dress over the bosom ...' (vol.1, part 1, p.319). The woman also wears a broad rimmed hat of Chinese pattern.


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