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Research data supporting "X-ray diffraction analysis of cubic zincblende III-nitrides"

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Frentrup, M 
Lee, LY 


Figure 6: XRD peak width of an optimized zincblende GaN sample displayed in a traditional Williamson-Hall plot with fits for Lorentzian (n = 1) and Gaussian shape peaks (n = 2).

Figure 7: Extrapolated peak width β_hkl ×|Q_hkl| in reciprocal space as a function of polar angle Chi and scattering vector magnitude |Q_hkl| estimated from a series of skew-symmetric ω-scans.

Figure 8: Decrease of the XRD ω-linewidth (FWHM) of the 002 reflection with increasing film thickness for oriented zincblende GaN grown on 3C-SiC at Cambridge University.

Figure 9: An example for a XRD wafer bow analysis of a 4'' 3C-SiC/Si template showing the shift of the maximum of ω-scans at different positions on the wafer.


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X-ray diffraction, cubic GaN, phase analysis, Gallium Nitride


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/M010589/1)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/N01202X/1)
Technology Strategy Board (TS/N003756/1 - 132135)
We would like to thank Anvil Semiconductors Ltd. for providing 3C-SiC on Si templates for our experiments.