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Exploring the Complex Relationship between Archaeology and Society: Lessons from India's History

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Samadder, Aritri 


This paper discusses the relationship between archaeology and society, arguing that the discipline can be used to serve multiple agendas.  The paper explores the influence of archaeology on the public and investigates how political manipulation of history affects the archaeological practices of the Archaeological Survey of India. It uses the Babri Masjid demolition as a case study, highlighting the role of social memory in historical discourse. The author concludes that archaeology can serve as a tool to satisfy multiple agendas, even if they are sometimes contradictory. The paper suggests that policies regulating the misuse of archaeological information should be put in place to mitigate the loss of intellectual and cultural property and prevent the loss of valuable human life.



Public Archaeology, South Asian Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Archaeology and Politics, Indian Archaeology

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Archaeology and the Publics

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