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Murray-Rust, Peter 
Pollock, Rufus 
MacGillivray, Mark 
O'Steen, Ben 
Waites, William 


More research is published currently than can be understood or followed by a researcher without the aid of a computer. We need Open shareable information on research publications, an Open Bibliography, to build the services that enable researchers to explore their field and discover the research they need. Producers of bibliographic data such as libraries, publishers, universities, scholars or social reference management communities have an important role in supporting the advance of humanity's knowledge. For society to reap the full benefits from bibliographic endeavours, it is imperative that bibliographic data be made open - that is, available for anyone to use and re-use freely for any purpose.


Poster presented at the VSMF Symposium held at the Unilever Centre on 2011-01-17.


bibliography, Open, data, publishing

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Murray-Rust group, Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

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