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Cambridgeshire Guided Busway: A Series of Archaeological Evaluations

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Mackay, Duncan 


18 sites were evaluated between Swavesey and Trumpington on the route of the proposed Cambridgeshire Guided Busway between Huntingdon and Trumpington. The majority of the sites revealed negligible archaeological remains, but sites dating to a number of periods were found. Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age features were discovered at Longstanton Park & Ride and Balancing Pond 4 and Iron Age/Romano- British features were found at Construction Route 4, Balancing Pond 7 and the Addenbrooke's Link. Medieval features were found at Swavesey Track North, Swavesey Kiss & Ride and Histon Stables Access. The most significant sites are the Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age ditches at Balancing Pond 4, the 2n d to 4t h century settlement at Addenbrooke's Link, which compliments the recently excavated Late Iron Age/Early Roman site at Downing College Sports Field, the Medieval activity at Swavesey, which partially relates to the Priory and has waterlogged remains, and possibly the Medieval burial and well at Histon Stable Access.



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