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Tuneable bioinspired lens.

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Charmet, Jérôme 
Barton, Rupert 


Bioinspired lenses that rely on changes of curvature to achieve focus are interesting candidates for miniaturized tuneable lenses as they require fewer mechanical moving parts compared to their conventional counter-parts. The lens described in this manuscript closely mimics the design and actuation principle of the vertebrate lens. It consists of a liquid lens encapsulated in a transparent polymer membrane. Application of a radial strain changes the curvature of the lens thereby changing its focal length. The unstrained lens has a focal length of 50 mm, which rises to a value of 100 mm at a maximum radial strain of 0.67%. This range compares favourably to both biological lenses and other published examples of biomimetic lenses. Finally we point out a few routes to improve the quality of the lens and expand its focal length range.



Animals, Biomimetic Materials, Biomimetics, Equipment Design, Equipment Failure Analysis, Humans, Lens, Crystalline, Lenses, Light, Scattering, Radiation

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Bioinspir Biomim

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