Datong Mongghul Performance

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This collection contains 12 videos showing various aspects of Mongghul culture in northeast Qinghai Province. The videos depict various folk practices, including song, folktales, and village rituals.


The program performance featured in the film was shot in Tuhun Village. This village has its origins in Tughuan Village, Wushi Town, Huzhu Mongghul Autonomous County with the same ancestor as Limusishiden. Tuhun Village is the only village where a few old people spoke Mongghul in Datong County. Some singers in the video sung in Mongghul but were unable to explain the songs' meaning. Datong Mongghul women’s costume was different from that of Huzhu. The Mongghul language in Datong was almost dead in 2010 among the population of 34,650 (1994) Mongghul in Datong. 出现在影片里的节目演出是在土官村拍摄的。这个村的来源是互助土族自治县五十镇土官村,与李穆斯史登的祖先是一样的。在大通县土官村是唯一有几个年迈的土族老人会说土族语的村。在录像中有几个歌手用土族语唱歌却不知道怎样解释歌的意思。大通土族妇女们的习俗与互助的土族妇女是有区别的。土族语在大通几乎在三万四千六百五十的土族人口中(1994)消失于二零一零年。

Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, Mongghul (Tu), Huzhu, Qinghai, Tu
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