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Tatyana Dordzhieva, Traditional Education

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Tatyana talks about the strictness of her Kalmyk upbringing: In the past, we did not pat children on the head when they were naughty. Not only did teachers scold such children at school, but we also dressed them down at home for misbehaving. By contrast, today children run to their mothers to complain who in turn sue the teachers. When I was growing up in Siberia, I looked after sheep. One evening I really wanted to play with a ball, and in a hurry I began to drive the sheep faster than usual. On the way, an old Russian man grabbed me by my ears and scolded me: ‘Don’t you drive the sheep so fast, you’ll spoil their wool, do you understand?’ At home I complained about him to my mother who only said that the man was right. My father always advised me to bring up my children in strictness so that they became obedient and did not get spoilt. I raised my children as my father had taught me. Although I raised my 4 sons strictly, I brought up my daughter with love and affection.




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