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Redefining tuberculosis: an interview with Lalita Ramakrishnan.

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Professor Lalita Ramakrishnan is at the forefront of modern tuberculosis (TB) research. She has developed vital tools, most notably a robust zebrafish model, to study this disease, leading to seminal discoveries uncovering bacterial and host interactions throughout infection. Her group has harnessed this knowledge to develop new treatments for TB and shape clinical research. By unveiling these complex interactions, they have also improved our understanding of fundamental biology of macrophages and other infectious diseases, such as leprosy.


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Acknowledgements: Disease Models & Mechanisms (DMM) thanks Professor Lalita Ramakrishnan for her willingness to be interviewed, and for sharing her unique experiences and perspectives with us. Lalita was interviewed by Kirsty Hooper, Features & Reviews Editor for DMM, and this interview has been edited and condensed with the interviewee's approval.


Animals, Female, Zebrafish, Tuberculosis, Macrophages, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Host-Pathogen Interactions

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