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Urinary incontinence in a male dog with an ectopic ureterocoele remnant associated with ipsilateral renal agenesis and cryptorchidism

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McGregor, Ombeline 
Constantino‐Casas, Fernando 
Owen, Laura 


A 2‐year‐old, male, neutered labrador retriever with a previous diagnosis of left renal agenesis and left cryptorchidism presented for investigation of mild intermittent urinary incontinence. Abdominal ultrasound, intravenous urography and retrograde positive‐contrast urethrocystography were performed, identifying an unusual fluid‐filled structure, confluent with the left side of the prostate gland. Histopathological diagnosis, following surgical excision, was an ectopic ureterocoele remnant. Urinary incontinence temporarily improved following surgery, but subsequently recurred. A presumptive diagnosis of urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence, in addition to the ectopic ureterocoele remnant was given. Dogs with renal agenesis typically have an absent ipsilateral ureter; however, this report demonstrates an ipsilateral ectopic ureterocoele remnant, a condition rarely reported in veterinary medicine. Multiple ipsilateral genitourinary deformities should be suspected and investigated in animals presenting with any urogenital developmental abnormality. Clinical significance of ectopic ureterocoele remnant in male dogs with urinary incontinence should however be carefully evaluated, and other causes (e.g., urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence) should be considered.


Publication status: Published


urology, diagnostic imaging, dogs, urinary tract, soft tissue surgery

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