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ElChemo: A cross-domain interoperability between chemical and electrical systems in a plant

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Devanand, A 
Karmakar, G 
Krdzavac, N 
Lim, MQ 


The paper proposes a novel framework capable of establishing machine-to-machine (M2M) interactions between chemical and electrical systems in the industry. The framework termed as ElChemo addresses the challenges in M2M interaction of entities from different silos, such as differences in the domains' behaviour, the heterogeneities arising from different vocabularies and software. The OntoTwin ontology has been developed based on OntoPowSys and OntoEIP ontologies, which are parts of an intelligent platform called the “J-Park Simulator(JPS)”. The ElChemo framework uses Description Logic (DL) and SPIN reasoning techniques to establish the interaction between the chemical and electrical systems in a plant. This paper presents a depropaniser section of a chemical plant and its corresponding electrical system as a use case scenario to demonstrate the interoperability between the two silos within the ElChemo framework. The results from the use case demonstrate, as a proof of concept, the potential of the proposed framework and can be considered as the fi rst step towards the development of a knowledge graph based framework capable of increasing interoperability between cross-domain interactions.



Ontology, Semantic web, Knowledge-graph, Digital twin, Industry 4, 0, Reasoning

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Computers and Chemical Engineering

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