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On the thermodynamic boundary conditions of a solidifying mushy layer with outflow

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Jones, DWR 
Grae Worster, M 


jats:titleAbstract</jats:title>jats:pThe free-boundary problem between a liquid region and a mushy layer (a reactive porous medium) must respect both thermodynamic and fluid dynamical considerations. We develop a steady two-dimensional forced-flow configuration to investigate the thermodynamic condition of marginal equilibrium that applies to a solidifying mushy layer with outflow and requires that streamlines are tangent to isotherms at the interface. We show that a ‘two-domain’ approach in which the mushy layer and liquid region are distinct domains is consistent with marginal equilibrium by extending the Stokes equations in a narrow transition region within the mushy layer. We show that the tangential fluid velocity changes rapidly in the transition region to satisfy marginal equilibrium. In convecting mushy layers with liquid channels, a buoyancy gradient can drive this tangential flow. We use asymptotic analysis in the limit of small Darcy number to derive a regime diagram for the existence of steady solutions. Thus we show that marginal equilibrium is a robust boundary condition and can be used without precise knowledge of the fluid flow near the interface.</jats:p>



multiphase flow, porous media, solidification/melting

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Journal of Fluid Mechanics

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Cambridge University Press (CUP)
This research began as a project between D. Conroy and M.G.W. at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (2006). We gratefully acknowledge helpful discussions with T. Schulze.