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Genizah MS T-S AS 145.168

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Recto: drafts of documents, written in a cramped style. Verso: lengthy legal document, written in Fusṭāṭ under the authority of Sar Shalom ha-Levi Gaʾon. Mentions the names Sitt al-Kafr, Sitt al-Ḥusn b. Abū l-Makārim al-Kohen the trader, known as Ibn Qasāsa, the widow of Ṣāʿid b. Abū Manṣūr, Sitt al-Maʿālī and Abū ʿAlī.


Consists of the four big fragments T-S AS 145.165, T-S AS 145.167, T-S AS 145.168 and T-S AS 145.169; T-S AS 145.165 joins with T-S AS 145.168; the beginning of the document is on T-S AS 145.167 and is continued on T-S AS 145.169; mirrored script.


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