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Research data supporting "Ellipsoid localisation microscopy infers the size and order of protein layers in Bacillus spore coats."

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Manetsberger, J. 
Manton, J.D. 
Erdelyi, M.J. 
Lin, H. 
Rees, H.D. 


This dataset contains image analysis software and sample image data in support of our work on fluorescent shell localisation. The paper is archived by the Cambridge Open Access repository at


Software / Usage instructions

TIF files for sample image data. Matlab scripts for image analysis software. These were developed on Matlab 2013b.
Sample Image Data: Unzip the folder "Supplementary_Information_4_sample_images". Sample fluorescence micrographs of the bacteria strains (with GFP-fusion proteins attached to the named spore coat protein) are found in each folder. For example, the folder "subtilis_SleL" contains TIF data of a fluorescence microscopy image of Bacillus subtilis spores, with a GFP-SleL fusion protein. (SleL is a protein found in the spore coat.) Software: To use the image analysis software, unzip the folder "Ellipsoid_Localisation_Microscopy_Scripts" and run the script "spores_analysis_v5_ellipsoids.m" in Matlab. This will automatically run an analysis on some sample data provided in the folder. For further information, read the file "README_sporeImageAnalysis". Note that this software is only partially documented.


Image analysis, fluorescence, microscopy, microbiology, spore coat


University of Cambridge
This work was supported by the EPSRC [grant number EP/L015889/1].