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HyDRA-H: Simultaneous Hybrid Retrieval of Exoplanetary Emission Spectra

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Gandhi, Siddharth 
Madhusudhan, Nikku 
Hawker, George 
Piette, Anjali 


High-resolution Doppler spectroscopy has been used to detect several chemical species in exoplanetary atmospheres. Such detections have traditionally relied on cross correlation of observed spectra against spectral model templates, an approach that is successful for detecting chemical species but not optimised for constraining abundances. Recent work has explored ways to perform atmospheric retrievals on high-resolution spectra (HRS) and combine them with retrievals routinely performed for low-resolution spectra (LRS) by developing a mapping from the cross correlation function to a likelihood metric. We build upon previous studies and report HyDRA-H, a hybrid retrieval code for simultaneous analysis of low- and high- resolution thermal emission spectra of exoplanets in a fully Bayesian approach. We demonstrate HyDRA-H on the hot Jupiter HD 209458b as a case study. We validate our HRS retrieval capability by confirming previous results and report a simultaneous hybrid retrieval using both HRS and LRS data. The LRS data span the HST WFC3 (1.1-1.7 μm) and Spitzer photometry (IRAC 3.6-8 μm) bands, while the HRS data were obtained with CRIRES on VLT at 2.3 μm. The constraints on the composition and temperature profiles for the hybrid retrieval are more stringent than retrievals with either LRS or HRS datasets individually. We retrieve abundances of log⁡(H2O)=−4.11−0.30+0.91 and log⁡(CO)=−2.16−0.47+0.99, and C/O=0.99−0.02+0.01, consistent with previous works. We constrain the photospheric temperature to be 1498−57+216 K, consistent with the equilibrium temperature. Our results demonstrate the significant advantages of hybrid retrievals by combining strengths of both HRS and LRS observations which probe complementary aspects of exoplanetary atmospheres.



astro-ph.EP, astro-ph.EP

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