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Daily Life of An Ejnee Torghut Herding Family

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Bulag, Uradyn E. 


Bolor is a Halh, and his wife Tsetseg is a Torghut. They have about 20,000 mu rangeland which they have fenced into three sections for herding about 500 goats and about 15 cows in different seasons. Tsetseg says that they got married in 1998 and have been herding since then. Their daily routine is as follows:The couple get up at 5 am to start the morning chores such as getting out cows, feeding kids with corn, and milking goats. The work is completed by 9 am when they have breakfast. After breakfast, as shown in the video, Tsetseg is making some dairy foods for about an hour while Bolor is studying wrestling technics that he is preparing for the summer festival. After taking some rest or nap at noon Bolor goes to their range to provide water to goats and check pest problems. Tsetseg continues making dairy food. At about 5 pm they separate goats from their kids in two different pens, and milk cows and make cream. They go to bed around 11 pm.



Halh-Torghut family, herder, daily life, wrestle, milking goat, dairy food

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