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De Sitter microstates from T T¯ + Λ2 and the Hawking-Page transition

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We obtain microstates accounting for the Gibbons-Hawking entropy in dS3, along with a subleading logarithmic correction, from the solvable TT¯+Λ2 deformation of a seed CFT with sparse light spectrum. The microstates arise as the dressed CFT states near dimension Δ=c/6, associated with the Hawking-Page transition; they dominate the real spectrum of the deformed theory. We exhibit an analogue of the Hawking-Page transition in de Sitter. Appropriate generalizations of the TT¯+Λ2 deformation are required to treat model-dependent local bulk physics (subleading at large central charge) and higher dimensions. These results add considerably to the already strong motivation for the continued pursuit of such generalizations along with a more complete characterization of TT¯ type theories, building from existing results in these directions.



Jhep 25th Anniversary Special Issue, JHEP ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL ISSUE, Gauge-Gravity Correspondence, Models of Quantum Gravity

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Journal of High Energy Physics

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