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Research data supporting: "Long-range charge extraction in back-contact perovskite architectures via suppressed recombination"

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Hörantner, Max 
Pazos-Outon, Luis 
Lamboll, Robin 


Tainter_Joule_data.opj - Origin project file containing data underlying figures presented in the article. Original figures are presented and named as presented in the paper, as well as corresponding worksheets containing raw and smoothed data.

Detailed origin worksheet breakdown: "Fig2Adata" and "Fig2Bdata" - data underlying scanning photocurrent measurements presented in figure 2, presenting position of measurement (relative to junction) and normalised current or characteristic rise time. "trplGlass, trplNiOx,trplSnO2" - time-resolved photoluminescence data performed on perovskites films deposited over glass, NiOx, and SnO2, respectively. Data for time delay and number of counts is presented, which is presented in figure 3A. "Fig3Boutput" - modeled charge density vs position as presented in figure 3b, details of model in the supporting information. "Fig4Cdata" - forward and reverse JV data given in V and mAcm-2 which is presented in Figures 4C and S8. "Fig4Ddata" - scanning photocurrent and scanning photoluminescence microscopy data as presented in figure 4D. Data is presented for position of measurement and photocurrent amplitude and PL intensity (norm.). "FigS2data" - Photoluminescence spectra obtained over the two materials in the active area of a device. Data is presented as wavelength vs counts (au). "FigS9data" - Peak short-circuit currents obtained for varying device pitch distance.

Tainter_joule_tabulardata.xslx - Excel spreadsheet containing PLQE data and results of fitting several transport measurements as depicted in figure 2. Sheet 1 gives PLQEs for the measured films, sheet 2 provides extracted exponential decay factors and slopes of linear fits as obtained and described in figure 2 and the SI.

IBC_0011 and IBC_0015 - Original SEM images of perovskite film over devices (top view).

s4.bmp - Original SEM image of perovskite films and devices (cross section). This image is adapted in Figure 4b.


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