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    • Political transition and emergent forest-conservation issues in Myanmar. 

      Prescott, Graham W; Sutherland, William James; Aguirre, Daniel; Baird, Matthew; Bowman, Vicky; Brunner, Jake; Connette, Grant M et al. (2017-12)
      Political and economic transitions have had substantial impacts on forest conservation. Where transitions are underway or anticipated, historical precedent and methods for systematically assessing future trends should be ...
    • Esrrb Complementation Rescues Development of Nanog-Null Germ Cells. 

      Zhang, Man; Leitch, Harry G; Tang, Walfred WC; Festuccia, Nicola; Hall-Ponsele, Elisa; Nichols, Jennifer; Surani, M Azim et al. (2018-01)
    • The environmental and social impacts of protected areas and conservation concessions in South America 

      Schleicher, Judith (Elsevier, 2018-06-01)
      While the main conservation strategy has been the establishment of government-controlled protected areas (PAs), approaches have diversified over the last decades, including devolving management rights to non-government ...
    • MicroRNA-101 expression is associated with JAK2V617F activity and regulates JAK2/STAT5 signaling. 

      Pagano, Francesca; Comoglio, Federico; Grinfeld, Jacob; Li, Juan; Godfrey, Anna; Baxter, Joanna; Silber, Yvonne et al. (Springer Nature, 2018-02-27)
      Philadelphia negative myeloproliferative neopl 28 asms (MPNs) are clonal haematological diseases characterized by excessive production of mature blood cells. Exome sequencing of patient samples have showed a relatively low ...