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  • The $\textit{Gaia}$-ESO Survey: Revisiting the Li-rich giant problem 

    Casey, A. R.; Ruchti, G.; Masseron, T.; Randich, S.; Gilmore, G.; Lind, K.; Kennedy, G. M. et al. (Oxford University Press, 2016-07-04)
    The discovery of lithium-rich giants contradicts expectations from canonical stellar evolution. Here we report on the serendipitous discovery of 20 Li-rich giants observed during the $\textit{Gaia}$-ESO Survey, which ...
  • Linking e-health records, patient-reported symptoms and environmental exposure data to characterise and model COPD exacerbations: protocol for the COPE study 

    Moore, Elizabeth; Chatzidiakou, Lia; Jones, Roderic L.; Smeeth, Liam; Beevers, Sean; Kelly, Frank J.; Quint, Jennifer K. et al. (BMJ Publishing Group, 2016-07-13)
    $\textbf{Introduction}$ Relationships between exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and air pollution are not well characterised, due in part ...
  • Recombination Rate Heterogeneity within Arabidopsis Disease Resistance Genes 

    Choi, Kyuha; Reinhard, Carsten; Serra, Heïdi; Ziolkowski, Piotr A.; Underwood, Charles J.; Zhao, Xiaohui; Hardcastle, Thomas J. et al. (PLOS, 2016-07-14)
    Meiotic crossover frequency varies extensively along chromosomes and is typically concentrated in hotspots. As recombination increases genetic diversity, hotspots are predicted to occur at immunity genes, where variation ...
  • Selective hydrogenation of arenes to cyclohexanes in water catalyzed by chitin-supported ruthenium nanoparticles 

    Morioka, Yuna; Matsuoka, Aki; Binder, Kellie; Knappett, Benjamin R.; Wheatley, Andrew E. H.; Naka, Hiroshi (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-06-24)
    The selective hydrogenation of aromatic compounds to cyclohexanes was found to be promoted by chitin-supported ruthenium nanoparticles (Ru/chitin) under near-neutral, aqueous conditions without the loss of C–O/C–N linkages ...

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