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  • The EU-AIMS Longitudinal European Autism Project (LEAP): clinical characterisation 

    Charman, Tony; Loth, Eva; Tillmann, Julian; Crawley, Daisy; Wooldridge, Caroline; Goyard, David; Ahmad, Jumana et al. (2017-06-23)
    Abstract Background The EU-AIMS Longitudinal European Autism Project (LEAP) is to date the largest multi-centre, multi-disciplinary observational study on biomarkers for autism ...
  • The EU-AIMS Longitudinal European Autism Project (LEAP): design and methodologies to identify and validate stratification biomarkers for autism spectrum disorders 

    Loth, Eva; Charman, Tony; Mason, Luke; Tillmann, Julian; Jones, Emily J H; Wooldridge, Caroline; Ahmad, Jumana et al. (2017-06-23)
    Abstract Background The tremendous clinical and aetiological diversity among individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has been a major obstacle to the development of ...
  • Genetic and environmental risk factors for rheumatoid arthritis in a UK African ancestry population: the GENRA case-control study 

    Traylor, M; Curtis, C; Patel, H; Breen, G; Hyuck Lee, S; Xu, X; Newhouse, S et al.
    $\textbf{Objectives}$.: To evaluate whether genetic and environmental factors associated with RA in European and Asian ancestry populations are also associated with RA in African ancestry individuals. $\textbf{Methods}$.: ...
  • Synthetic Applications of Polar Transition Metal Metallocenes 

    Stokes, Francesca Alice (2013-10-01)
    Since the sandwich structure of ferrocene was elucidated in 1952, metallocenes have generated a vast amount of interest. Transition metal metallocenes have previously been shown to be suitable precursors in the syntheses ...

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