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  • Resource Letter HCMP-1: History of Condensed Matter Physics 

    Martin, Joseph Daniel (2017-02)
    This Resource Letter provides a guide to the literature on the history of condensed matter physics, including discussions of the development of the field and strategies for approaching its complicated historical trajectory. ...
  • Improving Interpretability and Regularization in Deep Learning 

    Wu, Chunyang; Gales, Mark John; Ragni, A; Karanasou, P; Sim, KC (2017-11-17)
    IEEE Deep learning approaches yield state-of-the-art performance in a range of tasks, including automatic speech recognition. However, the highly distributed representation in a deep neural network (DNN) or other network ...
  • A Type III Complement Factor D Deficiency: Structural insights for inhibition of the alternative pathway. 

    Sng, Christopher CT; O'Byrne, Sorcha; Prigozhin, Daniil Markovich; Bauer, Matthias R; Harvey, Jennifer C; Ruhle, Michelle; Challis, Ben G et al. (Elsevier, 2018-03-06)
    Abstract Background: Complement factor D (FD) is the rate-limiting enzyme of the alternative complement pathway. Previous reports of FD deficiency featured absent plasma FD (type I deficiency) and susceptibility to ...
  • Genome-wide oxidative bisulfite sequencing identifies sex-specific methylation differences in the human placenta. 

    Gong, Sung Sam; Johnson, Michelle D; Dopierala, Justyna; Gaccioli, Francesca; Sovio, Ulla Maarit; Constância, Miguel; Smith, Gordon Campbell et al. (Taylor & Francis, 2018-02)
    DNA methylation is an important regulator of gene function. Fetal sex is associated with the risk of several specific pregnancy complications related to placental function. However, the association between fetal sex and ...

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