Jishishan Fashi 01

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Wen Xiangcheng 

This collection contains two videos. The footage was shot over four days from January 1-4, 2009, and depicts a temple consecration ritual in Liugou Township, Jishishan County, Gansu Province, PR China. The main ritual practitioners are fashi, folk Daoist practitioners.


This video contains footage of fashi (folk Daoist practitioners) consecrating a new deity statue and performing various songs and dances to delight the temple deity. The recording and announcement of villagers' donations are also shown, as is a procession of the deity's palanquin. A night exorcism and incense offerings are also shown. 在这个录像里包含了法师(道士)为新神像供奉,以及为神表演和演唱各种歌的片段,还展示了宣布村民们的捐款、神仙的轿子队伍。夜晚举行驱鬼仪式和烧香也在影片中。

Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, Gansu, fashi, Daoism
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