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Shunu baatyr, 'Shunu Hero'

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Pegg, Carole 


This jangar song is about the Ak Jang hero spirit-protector Shunu, the subject of an Altaian epic and many tales. The project builds on Pegg's research undertaken in the Mountain Altai since 2002. It includes audio-vidual recordings of living endangered traditions related to heroic epic performance. These include 'requests for blessings' and Jangar songs performed within Ak Jang (White Belief) clan rituals held in open-air temples (Küree) in secret mountain locations. Also included is a video recorded by Pegg prior to the WOLP project of the epic 'Maadai Kara' performed by a contemporary 'With Spirit' (Eelü) bard.


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altai, ak jang (white belief), epic, algysh blessing

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World Oral Literature Project

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