Elena Markhanova, Elena Ayushieva, Bortsg and Tea

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Churyumov, Anton 

The main staple of the Kalmyks is meat, usually mutton, and Kalmyk tea. Kalmyks offer these two things to others on practically all occasions – during weddings, to guests, before sending their relatives off on a long journey etc. The first cup of freshly made tea is always put on the altar at home. It is called deezh in Kalmyk. The Kalmyks have several varieties of bortsg or biscuits. On ordinary days people make biscuit varieties called tselvg and togsh. During holidays they make special biscuits. In this video the two informants give the recipes for bortsg and Kalmyk tea. At the end, the informants sit at the table and say well wishes while holding a cup of Kalmyk tea.

bakery, bortsg, tea, well wishes, deezh
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