Indian Statistical Institute: Using Multiple Metadata Formats in DSpace

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Prasad, A R D 

Most commonly DSpace is being used as an institutional repository and also as a discipline based repository. There have been attempts to extend DSpace ability to host electronic theses and dissertations like the popular Tapir and the attempt of The University of Manitoba to provide etdms metadata format. However, the user community has often expressed the requirement for other metadata formats like VRA core, IMS etc. Support for many metadata formats will greatly enhance the use of DSpace and the type of resources that could be preserved using DSpace.

The task involves provision of

creation of more elements in dctypregistry table incorporating new elements in the submission workflow making some of the newer elements searchable Displaying new elements in search results most importantly, exposing the newly created metadata formats through OAI protocol The recent beta version (1.2.2beta) of DSpace comes with much needed input forms with which one can define their own submission forms. This feature adds additional ability of adding any metadata format to DSpace in addition to exiting OAI-Dublin Core. This papers attempts to enumerate various metadata formats and the required element sets. Further, it provides guidelines for modifying various DSpace files for some of the popular metadata formats in use like etdms and vra core.

repositories, metadata, DSpace development
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