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Galina Ochirova, About the Dalai Lama's Teachings

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Galina came from Kalmykia to the Dalai Lama’s teachings in Riga. She first attended His Holiness’ teaching in 2006 in India, not having a good understanding of Buddhist philosophy. As a medical doctor, in the past she was more interested in the biological side of the human body, but could not find answers to her questions. Her road to Buddhism was long, and as she deepened her study of Buddhism she was confronted with new questions. The aspect of Buddhism that touched Galina most is the teaching about compassion. She also says that the light of Dharma will reach the heart of every person on the planet. All people want to be happy, and it is Dharma that can provide it. It is thanks to Telo Tulku Rinpoche (Head Lama of Kalmykia) and the Dalai Lama’s teachings that are organized in different locations that Galina opened new countries for herself. She says that the city of Bodh Gaya in India feels as if it has a special energy and closeness to the teachings of Buddhism. Galina points out that one’s physical health depends on that person’s spirituality and mind, because many diseases originate from one’s state of mind. People who do good deeds tend to have better health. Many long-livers are religious people. Finally, Galina says that the number of Kalmyk pilgrims is growing by the year.



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