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Shuguo Wobo Ritual 2

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Wen Xiangcheng 


The three videos in this collection depict the Shuguo Wobo ritual held in 2008 in Sanchuan (Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Haidong Region, Qinghai Province, China). This ritual is held to renew a mountain-top cairn dedicated to an un-named mountain deity who is said to protect local villagers.


This ritual is held annually to renew a wobo (sacred mountain-top cairn). The wobo is referred to as Shuguo Wobo 'Big Wobo', and the deity thought to inhabit the cairn is called Wobo Laoye 'Wobo Grandfather'. Wobo Laoye is considered the protector deity for the entire Sanchuan Mangghuer region. Participants in the ritual come from Wangjia, Yangjia, and Qijia, three large Mangghuer villages. This video shows: chanting by Tibetan Buddhist monks, accompanied by music; monks making gtor ma 'dough effigies'; villagers singing the mantra of Avalokitishvara, Om mani padme hum; and villagers continuing to make offerings to Wobo Laoye. 每年都举行这个仪式更新沃博(神圣的山顶上的石冢)。 把沃博称为殊果沃博 “大沃博”,并且认为神,沃博老爷居住在石冢。沃博老爷被认作是土族三川地区的守护神。参与这个仪式的来自于三大土族村的王家和杨家、祈家等。这个影片展示了藏传佛教的僧侣念经,由音乐伴随着。僧侣们在做糌粑朵麻,村民们唱观音菩萨的咒语(唵嘛呢叭咪吽),还有村民们继续供奉沃博老爷。


Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, Mangghuer, Sanchuan, Wobo, Ritual

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