Research data supporting publication "Mindfulness-based programmes for mental health promotion in adults in non-clinical settings: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials"

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Galante, Mariana 

These data were collected and meta-analysed following the methods detailed in the supported publication, which is open access. They were uploaded in two formats (zip folders): as Stata files (dta) with explanatory variable labels, and as csv files with explanatory variable lists (_varlist). Each zip folder includes four data sets: (1) "Outcomes_extracted_from_trials" contains the summary statistics that were extracted from trial records for each outcome, (2) "Data_for_sensitivity_subgroup_analyses" contains information on trial characteristics that were used to run subgroup and sensitivity analyses, (3) "ClusterRCTs_clusters" contains cluster information for those trials that were cluster-randomised, and (4) "Within_study_covariances_estimated_from_Galante_2018" contains the within-study correlations between outcome domains in the Galante 2018 trial that were used to estimate other trials' within-study correlations for the multivariate meta-analysis.

Software / Usage instructions
The datasets were created using the software Stata/SE 16.1 ( Users with no access to Stata can use the csv files which contain exactly the same data as the dta files.
mindfulness, randomised controlled trial, systematic review, meta-analysis, mental health promotion