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Research data supporting "Comparing the Fit of N95, KN95, Surgical, and Cloth Face Masks; Assessing the Accuracy of Fit Checking"

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Pearson, Charlotte 


The COVID-19 pandemic has made well-fitting face masks a critical piece of protective equipment for healthcare workers and civilians. While the importance of wearing face masks has been acknowledged, there remains a lack of understanding about the role of good fit in rendering protective equipment useful. In addition, supply chain constraints have caused some organizations to abandon traditional quantitative or qualitative fit testing, and instead, have implemented subjective fit checking. Our study seeks to quantitatively evaluate the level of fit offered by various types of masks, and most importantly, assess the accuracy of implementing fit checks by comparing fit check results to quantitative fit testing results.

To do so, seven participants first evaluated N95 and KN95 masks by performing a fit check. Participants then underwent quantitative fit testing wearing five N95 masks, a KN95 mask, a surgical mask, and fabric masks.

Data collected in June and July 2020.


Software / Usage instructions

Data collected on a Portacount 8038+ from TSI. Data files availible as .xlsx and .pdf files.


COVID-19, Face Mask, Protective equipment