Evdokia Erdnieva, Zul and Tsagan Sar

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Evdokia talks about how people celebrate Zul and Tsagan Sar: For Zul, people make biscuits, light candles, and invite their relatives to their homes. Before the celebrations, people collect special grass the stems of which is cut into pieces to make candlewicks. All stems are individually wrapped in cotton and then all the stems are wrapped together to form a candlewick. The number of grass stems inside each wick should be more by 3 stems than the age of the person to whom it is dedicated. The candlewicks of people from the same family are put together into a single candle. The candle is then filled with butter, taken to the street and lit. During this ritual old man read prayers and children play. After that, all come home to drink tea and eat biscuits. During Tsagan Sar people also light candles for three consecutive days. After that, it is okay to light candles in the evening for the rest of the month. People make biscuits. Another dish that people make is a cooked sheep’s head. Bits of its meat is given to children, and the head is left in a secluded place. It cannot be given to dogs.

Zul, Tsagan Sar
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