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Togtan Amunova, about my parents and ancestors

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Togtan’s father, Toktan Amunov, was from the arvn of Barikhn of the Kaaknakhn clan. Her mother was from the arvn of Yoksyud of the Taltakhn clan. Togtan’s family had its winter camp in the village of Tsagan-Nur in Oktyabrskiy rayon. One of the ancestors in her father’s clan was a man called Kegdya whose son was Mikul. Mikul had three sons, namely Utnasun, Batnasun, and Menkenasun. Utnasun had two daughters and five sons, including Byurchi. Buyurchi was Togtan’s paternal grandfather. After exile, Togtan’s family, consisting of Togtan, her parents and her sibling, settled in the village of Evdyk.



Barikhn arvn, Yoksyud arvn, parents

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