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A critical analysis of how Knowledge Organisers and Recall Practice can be used to facilitate learning. An Action Research project of Year 7 pupils studying cells and organisation



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Smailes, Nathan 


The use of cognitive methods has been studied in detail in psychological research, yet there have been few studies that have attempted to implement them. This paper analyses some of the ways in which knowledge organisers and recall practice may be used in a classroom setting. Multiple cognitive methods are applied such as low-stake testing, quizzing and knowledge organisers. Analysis was conducted using exit-tickets,interviews, summative assessments and journal entries. Overall 72% of the pupilsimproved their average score from assessments conducted before and after theteaching sequence. Additionally, the cognitive methods appeared to help pupils remember a greater amount of content. The isolation of individual effects of the methods was outside the scope of this study and limits the conclusions drawn. What is clear from this research however, is that cognitive methods can be implemented into a classroom and if applied well may lead to significant improvements in learning.



PGCE Secondary Science, Physics, Classroom, Education

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Journal of Trainee Teacher Educational Research

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volume 9


Faculty of Education

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