Alasha Torghut Wrestling, Obog Names, and Other Matters

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Bulag, Uradyn E. 

Orshil claims that he is one of the descendants of Galdan Boshugt Khan. In this interview, he mentions several new Oirat surnames that have emerged in Bayan Nurgan: Jin (金) for Ööld, Yangjia (杨家) for Hoid, Sijia (四家) for Dörbet and Duanjia (缎家) for Torghut.Orshil also explains in detail the immigrants and their integration into the Alasha Mongolian community. Bagtamal is someone who has joined the family (obogt bagtah) as a formal member, whereas Budachin is one who works for a family to get food for survival. He says that tens and thousands of Han Chinese fled from Shaanxi province and Gansu province to Alasha in 1960, and the Mongols adopted those poor Han Chinese as bagtamal and budachin.

Galdan Boshugt Khan, new Oirat surnames, Bagtamal, Budachin
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