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Eglise de San Francisco, Valparaiso

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A hillside landscape with settlements, showing buildings in detail, especially a church in the foreground.


"RF" FitzRoy [bottom right corner]

Drawing. The sky is blank. The horizon provides a background of rounded and sloping hillsides dotted with settlements at all levels. The main feature of the picture is the church in the centre. Its facade is in three sections. The leftmost comprises four stone columns, the top of a grand arched entrance being visible between the middle pair, with a horizontal rebated stone lintel above them. Above this runs a balustrade behind which there is a two-storey belltower over the central pair of columns, the lower storey having two arched windows and the upper a single central arched window. Both storeys of the belltower have pitched roofing against their lower sides, and the tower is topped by a pyramidal roof with a Cross. The middle section of the church facade is plain, and shows some superficial cracking on the left; its grand central arched entrance has a window above it, and the pitch of the roof rises from the balustrade on the left to the height of the top of the lower storey of the belltower, declining again to the right, where the level coincides with that of the foot of a square tower standing on top of the rightmost section of the church. This tower has a single window on each of the two visible aspects, and a pyramidal roof topped with a Cross. Above it the annotation reads: "slate". Below the tower a strip of pitched tiled roofing runs over what is probably a wooden veranda, on which two arched openings are visible. To the right of the main entrance on the centre portion of the church, the facade is obscured by trees and bushes, which are not sketched in any detail. In front of the church and continuing to the left-hand edge of the picture, the tops of other long buildings, with indications of roof tiles, appear behind an outcrop of apparently barren rocky ground. There is an impression of oxen pulling a laden cart rightwards behind a ridge in this outcrop, which falls away steeply from the centre into the centre right in front of the foot of a tall stone building. This building occupies the centre right to the right-hand edge of the picture; a door is vaguely indicated at the left-hand end, along with a ground floor window, and two more firmly sketched first-floor windows below an overhanging wooden balustrade. This borders what is probably a veranda, with a row of nine arched openings, interrupted between the seventh and eighth from the left by an area of horizontal timber wallboarding. The roof is possibly tiled, apparently with two raised tiled vents.


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