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Ivan Mengleev, About the Establishment of Iki-Burulskiy Rayon

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Ivan talks about Iki-Burulskiy rayon where he lived since its establishment in the 1960s: When Kalmyks were allowed to return to Kalmykia from exile, Ivan came to Bashanta, and then in 1965 moved to the village of Baga-Burul in Iki-Burulskiy rayon where he has been living for 51 years now. At that time several state farms were established, including Manych, Primanychskiy, Red Putilovets, and Zulturgan. There were also kolkhozes that did not have names but numbers, including a kolkhoz No 108 and No 4 that were under the jurisdiction of Stavropol krai. Ivan worked as a driver, then as a teacher on a tractor driving course. Afterwards he worked in a secondary school for 24 years. Ivan says that all collective farms collapsed in the 1990s. Ivan has 8 children and 30 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.



Iki-Burulskiy rayon

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