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Roza Khokhlova, About Traditional Medicine

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Roza talks about her grandmother who cured sick children by using traditional methods. This is her story: I would like to tell you about my maternal grandmother. Her name was Nyudlya. She died when she was 80. I grew up with my grandmother in Jangar village. My grandmother had 6 children. During Tsagan Sar her children paid her a visit. My grandmother welcomed them all and gave them red and yellow coins as a present. My grandmother read prayers, used prayer beads, and cured sick children. Before seeing her patients, she would lay out a white cloth to put the children on. She would use a longish white thread to measure their heads. She massaged the back of their head with hot butter. Afterwards she stretched their arms and massaged their legs 3 times. After this, her patients recovered. Children with different problems came to see her: with headaches or those who had their cranial suture displaced. My grandmother examined their heads from all angles, measured their ears, the back of their head and eyebrows. She made children feel better by touching them.



Healing, folk healers, coins, prayers, massage

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