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Doc.370, 'Yaqona chants'



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Roth, George Kingsley 


Recording of yaqona chants, 14 min 01 seconds.

  1. Yaqona chant of the people of Serua, it is accompanied at the beginning and at the end by a gong beat called lali ni yaqona vaka turanga, July 1957. Arranged recording. [0.00 - 5.40]
  2. Yaqona chant of the people of Bau, on the occasion of the Queen's visit. Suva, December 1953. Actuality record by the Fiji Broadcasting Commission (record made during the actual performance of a normal ceremony). [5.40 - 14.01] Fijian music, songs and dances, recorded by George Kingsley Roth in Fiji in the 1950s. Most of the material is original and was recorded in the field or at the studio of the Fiji Broadcasting Commission Suva. Some tracks are copies of recordings made by the Fiji Broadcasting Commission or the BBC.


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Roth, Fiji, music, song, dances

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