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Maya says that traditionally men wore a manishka, a chest decoration made from floral embroidery. The embroidery was made from golden or silver thread. On top of it ordinary men wore a dark dress called beshmet. The aristocracy, by contrast, wore white beshmets. All men had a belt around their waist with various things attached to it, including a knife, a leather bag containing a tobacco pipe, a whip etc. The men’s hat, toortsg, was decorated with a red thread at the top. In the video Maya shows a coat called uch made from foal’s skin, covered with a fabric. It is warm, soft and comfortable. Devl is a Kalmyk winter coat made from sheep’s skin. It is long and has a wide collar to protect the neck from the cold. When the Kalmyks were sent to Siberia, her grandmother, Maya recalls, used to make Kalmyk devl for the local people.



Men’s costumes, embroidery

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