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Transcripts and summary of religious vocabulary in children’s prayer language: Updated dataset

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Rowland, F 


Transcripts, with glosses and translations, of primary-age children's unguided prayers in Roman Catholic, Church of England and non-faith settings. Analysis of the proportion of religious language used by age groups and by setting. Prayers were gathered as part of a study on the effect of learned religious vocabulary on the language of non-directed prayer in children aged 5 to 11.

This dataset includes a collection of photos, showing the installation and a selection of typical responses illustrating the range of items collected. The file names show where the data was collected and where to find the transcripts.

The first two letters identify the faith-stance of the school: RC = Roman Catholic, CE = Church of England, NF = Non-Faith. The number after yr identifies the school year of the child: yr 1 = age 5 or 6, yr 3 = age 7 or 8, yr 5 = age 9 or 10. The final numbers identify a location in the accompanying transcript: the first number gives the section, and the second the individual entry.

So an image with file name CE yr 3 5-8 shows a response collected in a Church of England school, from a year 3 child, and is listed in the transcripts in section 5, item 8


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