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Sangadzhi Kononov, About Rituals to Avert Evil Tongues and Jealous Eyes

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Churyumov, Anton 
Kovaeva, Bair 


Apart from supernatural powers, people could be affected negatively by other human beings. For example, people envy each other. Envy or jealousy turns into a negative energy and blocks the life of the person who is the object of the envy. People who are envied feel that something is not completely right with them. In this case, it is advisable to perform a special ritual of pouring melted lead into a vessel with water. When people say good things about others, this may attract malign supernatural beings to the recipients of these praises. That is why the Kalmyks give bad names to their children in order to keep malign beings away. Such names include Nokha (a dog), Gakha (a pig) etc. When people say bad things about others, it is not good either for the person to whom it is directed. If a person reads mantras of cutting evil tongues, prays with beads and lights candles on fasting days (matsg odr), this diminishes the effect of evil tongues. In order to protect oneself from envious looks the following ritual has to be performed. Prepare a bowl with water and purify it with incenses. Prepare 9 matches. Light the first match. The person for whom the ritual is being performed has to look at the burning match. When the match burns out, throw it into the bowl by saying ‘khar nudn’ (the black eye). When the second match burns out, say ‘shar nudn’ (the yellow eye) and throw it into the bowl. The third match should be accompanied by the phrase ‘kok nudn’ (the blue eye). Do this three times (3 x 3 = 9). If the matches drown in the water vertically, this means that the patient has been affected by something negative. Afterwards, move the bowl over the head of the patient three times, both clock-wise and anti-clock-wise. Give the water to the patient to drink and then sprinkle it on the patient’s face, arms and legs. Then take a knife and make a movement three times as if you are cutting the surface of the water that is left in the bowl, while saying the following phrase three times – ‘khar kelyan uttulzhanav’. After the ritual, pour the water where people go or cars drive by, while wishing that all the negativity that has been absorbed in the water goes away by being picked up by the legs of by-passers. Turn the bowl upside down and leave it outside for a day.



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