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Scott Polar Research Institute Arctic Airborne Radio-Echo Sounding Datasets: Canadian Arctic 2000

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Dowdeswell, Julian A 
Gorman, Micheal R 
Burgess, D 
Sharp, Martin J 


This data set contains radar sounder profiles from the SPRI 100 MHz ice-penetrating radar instrument over Devon and Ellesmere islands in the Canadian Arctic (CA). Along with the radar profile data, the archive includes derived and ancillary data, plus software code produced for acquisition and working up of data. The data were collected under funding from a UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) grant (GR3/12469) to Prof. J. A. Dowdeswell. Please consult the 'MetadataCA2000.pdf' file for a detailed description of the dataset and its contents.


Software / Usage instructions

Code was produced in C/C++, within a Borland C++ Builder 4 IDE , for data acquisition software (and associated utilities) and for working-up, viewing and analysis of RES and associated data acquired. The source code for this software is provided within this archive as an ancillary record to the main RES dataset, with no warranty, instruction or further documentation provided. Any use of this code by others is at their own risk, and their own responsibility. The data acquisition software makes use of freeware code from Chi-Hao Tsai available from the Internet at (as at 13 Dec 2017) in the implementation of a millisecond resolution timer.


Arctic, Radio Echo Sounding, Canada, Canadian Arctic, Devon and Ellesmere islands, Agassiz Ice Cap, Prince of Wales Ice Cap, Ice thickness


Funding: The collection of these data was funded by NERC grant GR3/12469 to J.A. Dowdeswell, as well as by grants from the Meteorological Service of Canada (CRYSYS program) to M.J. Sharp. Further funding (to J.A. Dowdeswell) for development of the dataset was provided by the NERC Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling, UK, and the EU SPICE Project.