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Galina Suikieva, about the worship of the spiritual masters of water and land

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Galina says that gazar-usn takilgn (a ritual of worshiping land and water) is performed on various occasions, such as when it does not rain for a long time or when one’s livestock becomes sick. Before conducting this ritual, people should go to a temple and ask for an auspicious day to conduct this ritual. People should bring dairy products to the ritual, which should be done close to a water source. The ritual of worshipping earth is conducted when people buy a new house or property. The parents of a man who is getting married also perform this ritual. During usun-arshan, people also worship land and water by tossing coins around and praying to Tsagan Aav and other spiritual masters of that place. People consecrate water turning into ‘arshan’ or elixir. That is why the holiday is called usun-arshan literally meaning ‘water-elixir’.



Ritual, water, spirits

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