Motion Trajectories of Over-Height Vehicles for Warning Drivers

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Nguyen, Bella 

Collision of over-height vehicles with low bridges and tunnels occur with high frequency in the UK as many structures were built at a time when there was less moving traffic on the roadway. These older bridges are now considered at risk of vehicular strikes due to its low clearance height (less than 16 feet 6 inches or 5.03 metres). While previous methods have used vision-based systems to address the over-height warning problem, such methods are sensitive to wind. In this paper, we proposed an extension of the work done to minimise false detections due to wind by using a constraint-based method to track motion trajectories to improve the overall performance of the system. The dataset consists of 102 over-height vehicles recorded at 25 fps. The paper compares feature detectors to optimally track vehicle trajectories and analyses its motion to accurately classify positive detections. The final validation yields a performance of 94.5% recall and 91.1% precision.

bridge strike prevention, over-height vehicle detection system, tunnel strike, Bridge strike
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7th Transport Research Arena TRA 2018
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